‘Teen Jok’ from Mae Chaem, Thailand


Famous for their weaving, the Tai Yuan people in this sleepy little valley town celebrate their textile heritage annually with a ‘Teen Jok Festival’. Named after the decorative woven band at the hem of their traditional tubeskirts (‘teen’), it acknowledges their skill in using the discontinuous supplementary weft weaving technique (‘jok’), often likened to “embroidery on a loom”. This technique requires that different colored weft threads be inserted, threaded and picked through the warp threads, thus forming colorful patterns. Sometimes the picking is done with porcupine quills. Cotton and silk are the material of choice for the fine threads.

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(Please see our blog post from February 2012 for more information)

Using a porcupine quill
Creative use of ‘teen jok’ as
a mini-skirt and sash
90 year old weaver
Float displaying local skirts
and produce
Traditional weavings in ‘khit’ technique 
Tai Yuan beauties on parade
150 year old ‘teen jok’ tubeskirt
Award winning antique skirt