Stylish accessories for all occasions, or no occasion, these unique scarves are pieced using fine vintage silk from Thailand, Cambodia, and Japan. Designs on both sides keep it interesting. Added bead fringe using vintage glass, silver, and beetle wings finishes the ends. Only 1 available of each. Includes special gift box.

Susan Stem Designs Silk Scarves

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  • Unique Silk Scarf

    As one of my exclusive designs, this scarf is uniquely patterned and colored. Comprising vintage silk from Japanese kimono and Thai handwoven ikat skirts, it has a lovely drape and feel. Each side has a different pattern, with the same silks and colors mixed for a harmonious overall design. Vintage glass and stone beads, plus green iridescent beetle wings, and brass spirals decorate and give weight to each corner. Only one is available- make it yours!

    Size: 69 in. x 9.25 in.


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