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  • Banjara Head Rings (2)

    From the Banjara of India, these are called ‘indhoni’ and are used on the head to balance a container(usually water). These are lovingly handmade, wrapped in cotton cloth and then sewn with beaded patterns. The larger one has 5 tassels attached which are also decorated with beads. Someone with small hands could wear them as bracelets, or include them in a bead collection, or use for fun home decor. These are vintage pieces- probably mid-20th century, and show some wear, but it does not detract. Sold as a pair.

    Size: Large ring is 4 in across x 1.25 in. outside, inside is 2.25 in.; smaller ring is 3.75 x 1 in. outside, inside is 2.25 in.


  • Bronze Teapot from China

    This charming pumpkin-shaped teapot is finely crafted of bronze in two colors. The five-sided lid is a different color than the dark bronze of the beautifully patinated body. The design incorporates whimsical details such as a vine-like handle, leaves with elegant tendrils, and the stem as the lid handle; a maker’s mark chop is affixed on one side. This is probably from the early 20th century and was made in China. It would be a very fine addition to a teapot collection- either yours or as a special gift.

    Size: 4.75in.x 3.5in.x 3in.high


  • Ex Voto – Eyes

    Enigmatic and unusual, this ex voto is for the eyes and could be for healing as well as imparting insight. Beautifully crafted of sheet silver, it is adorned with baroque floral motifs and putti. A real treasure from Italy, it would be lovely mounted and framed, or even worn on a silver chain or black ribbon.

    Size: 5.5 in. x 4.13 in.


  • Jewelry Box from Sumatra

    Shaped like a diminutive durian fruit, this charming little container is a fine vintage example of the lacquered boxes from the town of Palembang in Sumatra. It would be at home in a collection of antiques or in a more modern setting. This one has a small nick on the saucer, but it does not detract. Not often found, we only have one- make it yours or give it as a special gift.

    Size: Box: 3 in. diam. X 3 in. h.; saucer: 3.6 in. diam.


  • Old Coconut Spoon from Timor

    Decorated with the head of a cat as the handle, this unique old spoon probably came from the traditional village of Boti, in central, mountainous Timor. It is a whimsical example of the imagination and attention to detail given to everyday objects by the Timorese people. Utilizing the rounded shape of the inner coconut shell (‘tempurung’), they cut and carve unusual decorative shapes for the handles. This one is old and shows use.

    Size: 3.75 in. long x 1.75 in. wide x 2 in. high


  • Old Coconut Spoons from Timor

    Probably from the traditional village of Boti, in central, mountainous Timor, this set of three spoons shows the attention to detail given to everyday objects by the Timorese people. Utilizing the rounded shape of the inner coconut shell (‘tempurung’), they cut and carve lovely decorative shapes for the handles and spoon bowls. These are old and show use. 3 sets available, but designs vary slightly; please allow us to choose a nice selection for you.

    Size: 4 in. x 2.25 in (largest)

    $55.00  Set of 3

  • Protective Knife from Thailand

    Small pocket-sized knives of this type, called mit maw, are carried on the person as protective talismans. When blessed by powerful monks they are considered to imbue the owner with invulnerability, and are highly prized by Thais. The scabbard is bone with very fine silver decorations and pocket clip (note that the silver is a lower grade than sterling). The diminutive blade is nicely ornamented with typical designs. This is a particularly small example of these special little knives and could be worn on a chain as jewelry (note attached rings). This would make a lovely gift for a special someone.

    Size: 2.4 in. overall sheathed


  • Silver Tiger Box

    Beautifully rendered and of quality silver, this charming old box represents a tiger. Talismanic in size, it was made to contain various substances such as cosmetics, jewelry, or could have been a handsome addition to a betel set. The reference book ‘Cambodian Silver Animals’, p.161, says that this “form is relatively rare” and is also associated with autumn, a traditional season of marriage in ancient China, making it a special and meaningful wedding gift. “As a personification of the wind, the tiger repels evil spirits and is emblematic for a safe return from a perilous undertaking.” Also note: the pattern of stripes on the two halves is not the same; there is a stamp on the bottom of 900 (90% silver); Size: 2.7 in. x 2.7 in. x 1.3 in.; Weight: 52.5 grams

    Size: 2.7 in. x 2.7 in. x 1.3 in.