In Thailand, the spirits are everywhere and in many forms, but all agree that their care and feeding is of utmost importance to the smooth functioning of daily life. Even those who may be non-believers cannot help but find the omnipresent spirit houses charming. Put one in your home and give it a chance to work its magic!

Thai Spirit Houses

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  • Thai Spirit House

    Nicely proportioned and beautifully ornamented and finished, this newly made spirit house is created by master craftsmen in the temple ‘vihaan’ style. An antiqued gold color is enhanced by raised floral motifs and lots of small, cut-to-fit mirrors in different colors; dark red paint colors the interior and the stairway and adds to the richness. ‘Chofa’ finials grace the ridge ends and abstracted nagas finish the gable ends. The interior comprises three rooms, and the rear outer wall is also nicely decorated. This one is more detailed, larger and better made than most similar designs seen on Ebay and elsewhere online. (Please note that the roofs are ornamented with dark blue or green mirrors; if you have a preference, please specify.) We don’t recommend using this one outdoors.

    Size: 12″ h x 14″d x 7″ w