We’ve put together a small collection of the more colorful and bizarre of these marionettes. Although not antiques, they have been made with traditional methods and materials, including all hand- stitching, and are of the highest quality.

Burmese Marionettes

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  • Burmese Marionette – 10 Hands

    Back by popular demand is the ‘superhero’ of Burmese marionette theater. Probably a Buddhist avatar of Vishnu, with ten arms and hands holding assorted tools and weapons, this is a figure of action. Even when still, it is almost dynamic with the multitude of arms bristling with weapons. The costume is equally elaborate with metal sequins, golden cord and dark red velveteen creating sartorial richness. A multi-tiered headdress adds to the mystique. This is the largest size of the multiple-armed marionettes we have.

    Size: 36 in. high