Curious Containers

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  • Bronze Teapot from China

    This charming pumpkin-shaped teapot is finely crafted of bronze in two colors. The five-sided lid is a different color than the dark bronze of the beautifully patinated body. The design incorporates whimsical details such as a vine-like handle, leaves with elegant tendrils, and the stem as the lid handle; a maker’s mark chop is affixed on one side. This is probably from the early 20th century and was made in China. It would be a very fine addition to a teapot collection- either yours or as a special gift.

    Size: 4.75in.x 3.5in.x 3in.high


  • Hmong Embroidered Purses

    Made of the small protective embroideries used at the back collar of Hmong jackets, these little treasures are perfect as a special gift bag or purse accessory. They are personally selected for the intricacy of the embroidery and the harmonious colors. Hmong embroidery utilizes a mélange of techniques including appliqué, as well as chain, running and cross stitch. Each purse is lined in black cotton, with a zipper closure and a back of black hemp cloth. Please specify size and let us choose a nice one for you.

    Size: Small or Medium

    $9.00 (Small  3.25″ x 5″ approx.)

    $13.00 (Medium  4″ x 6″ approx.)

  • Man’s Purse from Sumba

    Called ‘tongal’, these boxes are used by men on the island of Sumba to hold tobacco and/or money and are worn on a belt or strap at the waist. However, this one is a piece of folk art sculpture and was probably made for display in a house. Made of dark-stained wood, the top has an unusual horse and rider carving, including a removable spear, while the lighter-colored bottom has side knobs in the form of whimsical heads complete with teeth. The men of Sumba pride themselves on their horses and riding skills. This piece stands up and is very attractive displayed on its own.

    Size: 8.75″h x 7″w


  • Silver Crab Box – Large

    Exquisitely rendered in silver, this charming small crab box is a very fine example of Cambodian silver work. The legs and claws are articulated, as are the eyes. The plate on the abdomen opens up to reveal a small cavity for tiny treasures, and even has a latch. It is very realistic and would be a special addition to any collection of fine silver. We think this is 90% or higher silver; the weight is 44.5 grams. (Also see FCO136 for an even smaller one.)

    Size: 5.0 in. x 2.0 in. x 0.63 in.


  • Tuareg Leather Purse

    Carried by Tuareg men, this is more a wallet than a purse. Nicely decorated with leather and yarn fringe, hand-tooling, hand-stitching, and cutouts, it is accented with white stitching in contrast to the red and turquoise. Subtle hand-tooling decorates the dark blue body and two layers of leather fringe enhance the bottom. The upper part slides up on the hanging cord to reveal two leather flaps which conceal two compartments, probably used for money. Condition is quite good.

    Size: 11″ x 4.5″ overall when closed (w/o cord and long fringe)