Baskets of mainland Southeast Asia

Baskets from Southeast Asia

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  • Cambodian Basket with Handle

    This very attractive old basket is woven with interesting patterns in several sizes of split bamboo which form a radiating pattern that is quite modern and unusual. The handle has additional detailing with sections simply wrapped followed by sections of braided wrapping. The handle then splits into two legs to join the bowl of the basket and add strength. Very beautiful form and design for a utilitarian object. Condition is very good with only minor repair on the bottom, as might be expected.

    Size: 12″ l x 8.75″ w x 9″ h


  • Karen Gathering Basket

    Full of nice details, this basket is from the Karen people and utilizes a variety of vines and bamboo in several colors. Different weaving techniques form different patterns which are quite attractive, and contrasting colors add to the effect. Note the use of four thin vines to ornament the sides, back and front. This basket was used for gathering in the forests. Condition is excellent, but it lacks the shoulder strap.

    Size: Basket: 9.37″ h x 7.25″ dia.


  • Knife Basket from Burma

    From somewhere in Burma, we originally thought these were from the Kayah group, but are not sure. Very nicely woven of fine vines, it uses three different weaving patterns. This is a basket for gathering, with a wooden slab on the back to hold a knife and protect the carrier. A shoulder strap is missing, but the basket is in good condition otherwise. We don’t see these very often and the condition is usually not good.

    Size: Basket: 7.25″h x 4.5″ dia.; OA: 11.4″h


  • Lan Na Pedestal Basket

    Once more common, but now not found often in good condition or without an exaggerated tilt, old pedestal baskets like this were used to present offerings. One can still see this protocol in use when gifts are presented to the royals. This one is rattan and mellowed to a dark golden hue. It has a slight lean, but not so much as to make it unusable. It could hold a collection of small items, or even a freshly baked pie.

    Size: 10″ dia. X 8″ h


  • Lao Basket for Gathering

    This handsome old gathering basket was skillfully woven with numerous fine details such as the side loops made of small branches, the wrapped verticals, decorative wrapping on the foot connections at the base, and the lovely braiding on the rim. The basket maker also used dark and light bamboo to create a pattern. Baskets like this are rarely found today.

    Size: 9 in.wide x 9 in. high x 9 in. diameter


  • Lao Basket for Gathering

    This attractive old gathering basket was skillfully woven with fine details such as the wrapped verticals, feet attached with wrapped loops at the wooden base, and the reinforced rim. The basket maker also used dark and light bamboo to create a pattern. Baskets like this are not often found today.

    Size: 11 in. high x 10 in. diameter x 5.25 in. at base


  • Laos Basket for Flowers

    Unusual in shape, this Lao basket appears to have had Japanese design influence. Quite tall for a flower basket, it also has a handle with attractive woven designs at three points. Other attractive details include woven wraps on the lower part of the handles as well as structural loop attachments. The outer body has a pleasing woven pattern which is different from the one inside. The four vertical ‘legs’ are decoratively attached to the wood base. This is a rare find in excellent condition.

    Size: 7.5 in. diameter x 16.25 in. high; handle 10.25 in.high



  • Laos Basket for Gathering

    This handsome, darkly stained and patinated basket is from Laos or possibly northern Thailand. Finely made and with nice details, it is a lovely example of a basket made for gathering. The original woven carrying strap is still attached in its original configuration. There are a few broken bits and one small hole, but otherwise it is in very good condition for an old, utilitarian basket.

    Size: 12.5 in. diameter x 9.25 in. high


  • Laos Basket for Gathering

    An elegantly tall version of a back-carried gathering basket, this example was carefully made with lots of nice details. The body has a diamond pattern that looks like a stylized flower on a stalk, with the bands on the lower three inches reversing direction such as roots would do below ground. The rim is reinforced with attractive weaving, most of which is intact; an old break is visible. Several well-done repairs attest to its use and care. The backstrap is still attached and includes some creative repairs, as well as breakage. A wood base protects the bottom nicely. We seldom see this style available anymore.

    Size: 12 in. diameter x 19 in. high


  • Large Storage Basket from Burma

    This large, old, handsome rattan basket is from Burma and was used for many purposes. It is beautifully woven with several different techniques, and in quite good condition with an intact lid and handles. The red color is the same as on Burmese lacquerware, possibly from cinnabar pigment.

    Size: 10″h x 20″Ø


  • Rice Basket from Vietnam

    Possibly from the Bru-Van Kieu, a Mon Khmer people of the Central Highlands, and used to serve sticky rice, this handsome design is very traditional. Condition is very good with bamboo legs and woven rattan bowl. (Please see p.83, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology Catalogue.)

    Size: 8″ x 8.5″ x 6″h


  • Shan Basket from Burma

    Of the style called ‘flower basket’, and used by women to carry flowers to the temple for ceremonies, this lovely old basket has some nice details such as the plinth-like base, different weaving patterns, and decorative inserts at each side of the handle. Condition is quite good and the patina is golden and lovely. This is a fine example of the genre.

    Size: 13.5″ x 10.75″ x 13.75″ h


  • Small Fish Trap Basket

    Small and sweet, this liittle basket is either for a child, or for very little fish. It has lovely patination and a handmade braided cord. We see larger versions of this kind of basket, but never one so small. Condition is quite good.

    Size: 6.25 in. x 3 in.; base 2.5 in. x 4.25 in.