Designed to be worn with style and confidence, my work utilizes handmade components made of fine metals, rare ethnic beads, semi-precious stones, and unusual pendants.

Flexibility and versatility are important design concerns – the pieces can often be worn in more than one configuration.

Susan Stem Designs

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  • ‘Agadeh’

    Antique African Glass; Rare Handmade Brass from Sumatra; Karen Tribal Silver (96%+).

    Size: 35″


  • ‘Bukhara’

    Old Turkman Silver (80%), and Turkman Silver with Fire-gilding; Lapis Lazuli Matrix; Vintage French Faux Pearl; Karen Tribal Silver (96%+); Sterling Silver from Indonesia

    Size: 33″


  • ‘Chom Tong’

    Turkoman Silver and Gilt Bead, Lacquered Takrut Amulet, Old Tribal Chin Metal, Brass Stamping of Buddha, Silver Beads, Suede Cord (adjustable)

    Size: 34 in. not including pendant; pendant 5.5 in.


  • ‘Diriyah’

    Antique Bedouin Silver ‘Mesh’ Band; Turquoise; Red Jasper; Handmade Bedouin Chain.

    Size: 14 in. + 5.75 in.Chain x 3.75 in.


  • ‘Jeddah’

    Bedouin Silver Pendant and Beads, Ancient Glass from Java, Vintage Glass, Buddhist Prayer Beads with Gold Leaf, Tribal Silver

    Size: 16.5″ + 3.5″ pendant


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  • ‘Mae Taeng’

    Lacquer & Macrame-Covered Takrut; Shan Yantra Amulet; Chin Casting; Old Thai Coins; Gilded Ceramic Bead; Sterling Silver Ring & Beads; Suede Cord.

    Size: 28 in.; Pendant 5.75 in. x 2.5 in.


  • ‘Nias’

    Black Onyx; Rare Handmade Brass from Sumatra; Vintage Brass; Karen Tribal Silver (96%+).

    Size: 19.25″


  • ‘Putao’

    Old ‘Pumtek’ (fossilized palm wood); Karen Tribal Silver (96%+); European Vintage Glass. Can be worn long or doubled as a choker.

    Size: 37.5″


  • ‘Qatif’

    Antique Bedouin Silver; Vintage Czech Glass; Sterling Silver

    Size: 15 in. + 5 in. Chain x 4 in.


  • ‘San Sai’

    Old ‘Pumtek’ (fossilized palm wood); Ancient Javanese Glass; Karen Tribal Silver (96%+); Old Tribal Chin Wound Metal Beads; European Vintage Glass; Genuine Old Cow Bell

    Size: 33 in; pendant 2.5 in.


  • ‘Tashkent’

    Antique Copper/Brass Armband (possibly from India); Jasper; Antique Copper Heishi; Moss Agate; VIntage Brass; Freshwater Pearl; Handmade Ceramic

    Size: 27.5 in. + 5.75 in pendant; pendant 4.25 in. wide


  • Chicken Call Necklace

    Handmade Chicken Call, Old Trade Beads, Old Chinese Coins, Tribal Silver, Brass, Genuine Suede

    Size: 28 in. not including pendant (adjustable); pendant 5 in.


  • Chicken Call Necklace

    Handmade Chicken Call, Old Turkoman Gilded Silver Bead, Tribal Silver, Brass, Genuine Suede.

    Size: 30.5 in. not including pendant (adjustable); pendant 5.25 in.


  • Chicken Call Necklace

    Handmade Chicken Call, Old Glass from Java, Old Tribal Glass, Old Chinese Coins, Brass, Genuine Suede

    Size: 27 in. not including pendant (adjustable); pendant 5.5 in.